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24th Oct 2022

Molly-Mae Hague admits she cried for weeks at the beginning of her pregnancy

Ellen Fitzpatrick

She cried for seven weeks.

Molly-Mae Hague has opened up on the early stages of her pregnancy, revealing that she cried “every single day” at the beginning.

The Love Island star is currently pregnant with her first child with Tommy Fury, and speaking in her latest YouTube video, she said that the earlier stages of her pregnancy were not what she expected.

She said: “I had extreme emotions up to seven weeks, so from finding out to about seven or eight weeks, I was so, so, so emotional. I cried literally every single day.

“Emotions were very high and I felt sad a lot which was very weird because all our dreams had come true.

“I had fallen pregnant. I was so, so happy, but I couldn’t feel that happiness yet. Up until eight weeks, I felt quite sad, which I didn’t expect.”

“My main symptom throughout my whole pregnancy has been hunger, especially through my first trimester. The hunger was unlike anything I have ever, ever, experienced,” she added.

“I knew that pregnant women ‘eat for two’ and you experience hunger, but I didn’t realise it was a clinical, medical thing.

“Sometimes I have been in the car with Tommy and been like ‘if you don’t pull over to a service station right now and help me get some food, I am going to collapse on the floor’. That was the levels it was, it was unbelievable.”

Fans are now convinced they have figured out the name of Molly Mae and Tommy’s baby.

She recently admitted that the name she picked will divide her fans.

Fans now believe they figured out the baby’s name is Cloud after noticing she had been using the emoji a lot recently.

Yes, really. But thankfully, Molly Mae shut down these suspicions, posting a TikTok claiming that she simply just liked the emoji and there was nothing more to it.