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09th Oct 2015

Millie Mackintosh Reveals Her Secret Tips To Maintaining Her Figure

It’s not all down to exercise either.


For any Instagram obsessives or health and fitness followers, it’s safe to say Millie Mackintosh is held up for her dedication to clean eating and fitness routine.

While the reality TV star and model has always been slender, her gruelling workouts and diet experiments have seen her celebrate the strong not skinny movement.

Now releasing her first book ‘Made’, Millie revealed one of the things that has made the biggest difference to her body… and it’s not exercise.

Millie Mackintosh and Professor Green

We’ve all heard that abs are made in the kitchen, and according to Millie, a food revolution has helped her maintain her taut tummy:

“I’ve changed my outlook on eating quite a bit. I think cutting sugar has helped me lose a band I had around my stomach for a while, it does creep back when I’ve over-indulged, but now I know I can get rid of it. And doing weights; they’ve changed my body composition.”

Time to burn off all the drinks from #LFW parties! @russellsbc ?

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So does that mean we need to cut all things sugar for good?

Not exactly.

Millie still likes to indulge herself a little – with one cheat treat a week:

“[I eat] really dark chocolate or something like one of my Nutty Butter & Seed Cookies, which have a bit of maple syrup in them, which is a natural sweetener. But I do have actual sugar occasionally – a slice of Victoria sponge or a tiramisu.”

Which is a nice little reassurance to anybody who thinks they need to stick to a strict diet of vegetables and steamed fish for the rest of their days…

H/T Red Magazine