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21st Dec 2018

Michael Rapaport has taken the piss out of Ariana Grande again… for literally no reason

Jade Hayden

Why Michael.


Michael Rapaport has done the absolute unthinkable and taken the piss out of Ariana Grande for the second time in two days.

Just kidding – there are far worse things in the world than coming for Ariana but it’s intensely unnecessary coming from literal Michael Rapaport so we just don’t get it, really.

The other day, the A-Typical star shared an old image of Ariana with a caption that criticised her look – saying that when she’s stripped back, there are “hotter women” working in Starbucks.

Right so, Michael.

Rapaport isn’t stopping there though, as he’s gone even further with his bizarre and unmitigated attack and photoshopped his own head onto a picture of Ariana and Pete when they were together.


Us too.

Alongside the image, which is mildly terrifying, he wrote: “When Thank You,Next is really life!!! Always Stay Disruptive! Shout out to all the Women at Starbucks!!!”

OK, man, whatever you say.

Unsurprisingly, Rapaport’s image didn’t go down all that well with Ariana fans – or just people in general – who found it a bit strange that a 48-year-old man was creating beef with a 25-year-old woman.

On the posts, Michael also shared news that his latest podcast was out so, you know, we can probably go ahead and assume he’s pulling the ol’ chronic PR stunt that will eventually blow up in his face move.

Whatever you’re into, we guess.