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31st Mar 2016

Melissa McCarthy Has The Best Response To A Question About Her Weight Loss

Melissa McCarthy proves once more how much of a legend she is.

Laura Holland

Melissa McCarthy proves once more how much of a legend she is. 

Melissa recently did an interview with Refinery29 while promoting her latest movie The Boss and the topic of her weight was raised.

When asked about her recent weight loss she had the best possible response.

She said, “I have, but I’ll be back again. I’ll be up, I’ll be down, probably for the rest of my life. The thing is, if that is the most interesting thing about me, I need to go have a lavender farm in Minnesota and give this up.”

She also continued by making a comparison with how women and men are treated when it comes to weight issues.

She said, “There has to be something more. There are so many more intriguing things about women than their butt or their this or their that. It can’t be the first question every time, or a question at all.

“It’s like, ‘Can you imagine them asking some of these guys I work with, ‘How do you keep your butt looking so good?’ It would be like, ‘What the fuck are you talking about? Why are you asking about the shape of my butt?”