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23rd Oct 2019

Meghan Markle has been unveiled as the December cover star of British Tatler, and she looks FAB

meghan markle

She looks gorgeous.

Just a month or so after editing the September edition of British Vogue, Meghan Markle is now on the cover of another iconic publication.

The Duchess of Sussex has been unveiled as the cover star for the December issue of British Tatler.

Interestingly though, the picture which covers the magazine is an old shot of Meghan, taken in 2015.

However, the picture has been Photoshopped, to remove the chunky gold earrings that Meghan was wearing in the original photoshoot.

The actual magazine, which is the 310th issue, will feature comment pieces from four writers, including Lionel Shriver, discussing whether Meghan ‘divides or conquers’ popular opinion.

So no, this is not an interview piece with the woman herself… more of a discussion of her affect on popular culture.

Tatler shared the cover on its Instagram, unveiling Meghan Markle as the cover star.

They captioned the snap:

Who better to appear on the cover of the special 310th Anniversary Issue than HRH The Duchess of Sussex, the most talked about woman of the day.”

“Tatler conducted an exclusive nationwide poll on the country’s opinions on Meghan and four writers share their differing takes on the Duchess: Lynn Barber, Afua Hirsch, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown and Lionel Shriver. The December issue is on newsstands on 31st October.”

Speaking about the issue, Richard Dennen, the Editor-in-Chief of Tatler, said:

“It was fascinating delving into the archives for this anniversary issue and seeing how the cast of characters has changed.”

“Dynasties rise and fall, new money sashays in, celebrities of the day dazzle. As the Duchess of Sussex knows well, every generation has its struggles – but it’s always cool to be on the right side of history.”

“I think the Duchess of Sussex is fabulous. I love that she is independent and not afraid of doing things her own way.”

He continued:

“I like her fashion choices, which are chic, sophisticated and grown-up, and the way she is bringing a breath of California cool to the drab and dusty corridors of the old guard.”

An interesting insight. The December issue of Tatler will be out on October 31st.