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01st Jun 2019

Meghan Markle was apparently DMing Max from The Wanted before meeting Harry

The thirst.

We can’t really picture Meghan Markle with anyone but Prince Harry – but she could have ended up married to a British pop star instead.

Meghan was messaging singer Max George shortly before she met Prince Harry, it’s been reported.

The pair chatted on Twitter but she put an end to it once she and Harry got together in the summer of 2016, a source has said.

“Meghan was reaching out to a number of celebrities in the UK as she spent more time there,” the insider told The Sun.

“Max was one of the biggest stars in pop music at the time and they connected on Twitter.

“They swapped a few messages and had a lovely conversation but in the end nothing came out of it — she met her husband soon after.

“Max had women reaching out to him all the time and didn’t remember much about it until Meghan’s relationship with Prince Harry.

“It was a nice friendship and he wishes her well, but he hasn’t heard from her since Harry.”

The story after it was reported that Meghan slid into Matt Cardle’s DMs when she was single.

It’s thought that Meghan was interested in meeting a British man after her divorce in 2013.

Matt, who won The X Factor in 2010, was said to have exchanged messages with her in 2015 after they followed each other.

“Matt couldn’t believe a Hollywood star like Meghan would even know who he was so he was very flattered and they chatted a little bit online before she suggested meeting up,” a source said.

“But then he met his girlfriend and knew it wasn’t appropriate to keep talking to Meghan so he ended up ghosting her.”