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08th Dec 2023

‘I can’t really believe it’s actually happening’ – Comedian Mark Mehigan reveals his ‘secret project’

Jody Coffey

Mark Mehigan

December has been full of special announcements for the comedian!

Mark Mehigan has announced he is about to release his debut book.

The comedian announced his ‘secret project’, a book entitled ‘This Is Not A Self-Help Book’, this morning on Instagram.

Following an update made by the 32-year-old in October that he was two years sober, Mark’s book is expected to hit shelves in 2024.

While the book title states that it is ‘not a self-help book’, the comedian says it will delve into topics like sobriety and mental health, as well as an overall message of finding hope and enacting change.

In the announcement post, Mark admitted that this book has been in the works for quite some time.

“I’ve spent the last year working on it and it’s the most important project of my career to date. It was always a dream of mine to write a book, so I can’t really believe it’s actually happening.

“Now, obviously I didn’t think it would take becoming an alcoholic in order to do so, but I suppose that’s just the game,” he wrote.

The new author confessed that his own experiences and feelings of entrapment led him to start writing his debut book, and also added who he believes may benefit from reading it.

“I wrote this book in an effort to understand my own head. For too long I thought it was normal to feel trapped in your own life, imprisoned by your behaviours and cornered by your thoughts. This book is for anybody who feels the same but maybe worries that change is not an option.

“I spent my twenties telling myself “I”m not the type of person who does X” or “I’m not the type of person who does Y”.

“By writing this book, I wanted to deconstruct the various myths I held about myself; myths that kept me in my lane, kept me drinking, kept me miserable and kept me obsessed with what other people thought of me.”

Mark then went on to say that he is proof that change is possible, especially to those who may suffer from alcoholism.

“If there’s one thing that I’ve learned from getting sober, is that it’s never too late to change every aspect of your life. Things can always get better. I hope by reading this, somebody might be convinced of that.

“I’m talking about internally, though. Not in a business sense. I am not a life coach and there will be no ice baths involved,” he joked.

The post concluded with the comedian sharing his writing process over the last year, and how it took a lot of mental strength to revisit challenging periods of his past.

“Over the last 12 months, there were many ups and downs when writing my story. It’s hard revisiting the darker times and looking back on some of the pain I caused myself and others.

“On many days, doing the roasts together on Instagram provided me with the enormous lift you probably never knew I needed. Thank you for that.”

Mark announced earlier this month that he and his partner, 2FM’s Doireann Garrihy, were engaged.

The couple sparked romance rumours around this time last year, with the pair taking a huge step and moving in together this year.