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07th Dec 2023

Sam Thompson explains why he isn’t ready to start a family

Kat O'Connor

Sam Thompson is being praised by I’m a Celeb viewers

Former Made In Chelsea star, Sam Thompson has opened up about having a family one day.

The reality star is a shoo-in to win the ITV reality show, but there’s no doubt he won over even more fans last night.

During the episode, Sam and Josie were talking about children and starting a family.

Sam’s honesty about how he isn’t quite ready for that chapter of his life yet was incredibly refreshing.

He told Josie: “Thanks, Jose. It’s kind of tough to explain this, a lot of people- you not included – a lot of guys who are like, ‘Mate, you need to have kids, you need to have kids,’ but my circumstances are different to yours.

“My girlfriend, and I would never want to take this away from her, is doing so well. I know she doesn’t want to give that up. And she shouldn’t have to.”

Sam added: “There will come a time where we’ll both be like, ‘Yeah, now’s the time’, but I just don’t think it’s now.”

Josie advised Sam to really live his life and then have children.

The presenter told him: “If anything happened to me tomorrow Sam, I have had a blinder. I’ve had a real a good time. Until you feel like that, you know, hold out.”

Can we just call Sam the King of the Jungle already?