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23rd Sep 2022

Love Island’s Indiyah explains why she called a medic in the villa

The Love Island star recently explained that she thought she was “going to die”.

Indiyah Polack has shared an insight into life in the Love Island villa that the viewers weren’t privy too – and it involves a concerning, painful rash.

During a recent interview on the Saving Grace podcast, the influencer explained that she had to get the medic involved when she developed a shaving rash.

She explained that she typically gets a sugar wax, but this wasn’t an option in the villa, so she found herself shaving regularly.

“I just shaved everywhere,” she said. “Even the cheeks. And you’re not supposed to shave the cheeks.”

She then explained that the area she shaved quickly became itchy and a rash developed.

“I called the medic,” Indiyah said. “She was like, ‘We’ve never had a case like this before, but we’ll help you out.'”

The Love Island star went on to explain that she thought she was “going to die”.

“It was awful,” she said.

Also on the podcast, Indiyah explained how the islanders get around having conversations they didn’t want aired.

“When we’re naked, they can’t air certain things,” she explained. “In the girls’ room, we always had our t**s out.”

“We always did. So, like whenever someone would say something cheeky, we would just be sitting there talking with our t**s out because we know they can’t air it.

“We’d literally just be saying stuff we shouldn’t with our t**s out cause like you can’t air this. It kind of makes me think that everybody on the production would have probably seen what my t**s are like.”

Indiyah finished in third place on this year’s Love Island alongside her Irish boyfriend Dami Hope. Since coming off the show, she’s been keeping busy. Recently, she was named the face of PrettyLittleThing’s new Marketplace app.