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01st Mar 2023

Love Island fans are left baffled as the villa turns on Jessie

Ellen Fitzpatrick

Wild episode…

Love Island fans have been left completely baffled by last night’s episode as it seemed the majority of the villa have turned on Jessie.

Last night’s episode saw Jessie confronting Casey over his reaction to Tom and Will defending Claudia during the Snog, Marry or Pie challenge.

The Australian bombshell said: “I’m going to be honest, I don’t think that they needed to apologise.”

Casey replied: “I don’t understand why you’re trying to get involved in this, I don’t know why you’re getting your two pence involved.”

Jessie said: “Because I feel bad for Will because I saw how upset he got about you being surprised at him.”

Casey then told Jessie: “I really don’t understand why you’re getting involved in this, it’s really got nothing to do with you. I’ve literally been through this with everyone, I don’t need to go through it with you.”

Following the conversation, Casey again got annoyed when he heard Jessie mention his name while chatting to Will, leading a few islanders to question if she is genuine or not.

Olivia, Rosie, Lana and Maxwell all shared that they think Jessie is “fake” and have questioned some of her actions in the villa.

By the end of the show, Will discovered what people had been saying about Jessie behind his back and was not at all happy.

Taking to Twitter to react to the drama, fans were completely baffled by it all but equally entertained.

One person said: “Very strange behaviour watching Jessie getting cancelled in the villa for calling Casey out once *to his face* but no one called Olivia out on movie night when she spoke about everyone *behind their back*”

Another said: “So… Jessie sticks up for Will slightly too vehemently and that makes people question the genuineness of her feelings… for Will? Jessie says something openly to someone’s face and the people bitching behind her back say it makes her… fake? Make it make sense.”

A third wrote: “How could they all ambush Will like that and Jessie tbh she had all the girls back and they literally betrayed her.”

While a fourth added: “So Olivia was shown in 4k chatting shit about everyone to zero consequences, but Jessie‘s too passionate defending the girls and she’s public enemy number one? Right.”

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