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06th Jun 2023

Love Island viewers call for one phrase to be ‘retired’ after last night’s show

Clodagh McKeon

Fans are absolutely over this phrase…

Love Island season 10 graced our screens last night and viewers are already annoyed at one phrase in particular that the islanders are using.

Although it was only episode one, this series of Love Island has clear potential to be the best one yet.

On last night’s show, fans watched as the contestants were coupled off after being matched up by the public.

The show continued and the singletons were getting to know each other but viewers were at home shouting at the TV.

As they quizzed each other about their ‘type’, most of the girls described their dream man as “tall, dark and handsome.”

Many viewers felt as if that phrase was being over-used and were begging the islanders to stop saying it.

Some Love Island fans took to Twitter to voice their opinions and were met with quite a surprising amount of support for the cause.

Sick of hearing the phrase, one user said: “Let’s officially retire ‘tall dark handsome’ as the type.”

Another viewer tweeted: “Praying no one says they’re into guys who are tall dark and handsome.”

Although the phrase is commonly used, fans thought it was a bit too much last night.

The iconic Love Island liner was originally said by 2020 Winter series contestant, Paige Turley. She went on to win the show with Finley Tapp who recently split up after over three years together.


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