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13th Jul 2018

Love Island contestants must have therapy sessions before entering the villa and here’s why

It cannot be easy.

Denise Curtin

Although we’re quick to judge, being a contestant on Love Island cannot be easy.

First of all, the cameras are entirely hidden meaning that after a couple of days, you’re bound to forget they’re even there, watching and recording your every move for the nation to watch and discuss.

Then you have the fact that you’re there to actually compete, find love and WIN a competition. Which then, in turn, leads to drama, fights, confusion and upset as the game plays you with challenges that test your loyalty and your patience.

Yep, it cannot be easy.

And since Love Island is racking in more viewers than ever before, with the stars of the show becoming the centre of criticism and a catapult to fame once they leave – it’s extremely important that the producers know they can handle what awaits them once they leave the villa.

While in the villa, the Islanders are allowed no social media, they aren’t even allowed books to read so, you can only imagine the fear you’d have, leaving the villa and not knowing what awaits.

And so, one of last year’s favourite contestant’s Montana Rose Brown revealed that contestants actually have to go to therapy before entering the villa. This is to make sure a contestant can actually handle the pressure that comes with the newfound fame.

She spoke to The Independent saying:

“She’s [psychologist] always on call once you’re there, they give you a lot of emotional support in that sense.”

And that isn’t all Montana dished the dirt on. With the recent controversy that the show is fully “staged”, Montana quashed those rumours and explained what actually happens.

“They might be like, ‘Camilla, pull Montana aside and ask how she’s feeling about Alex’” the 22-year-old explained.

She also added that if contestants are having a good conversation in dim lighting, they may be asked to move. Seems only fair.

Love Island returns to 3e tonight at 9pm.