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26th Apr 2014

Leto Tells Press: “My Oscar is a filthy mess”

He hasn't been polishing it so...


Jared Leto has admitted that he hasn’t been taking the best care of his Oscar award.

The musician turned actor, who won Best Supporting Actor at the Academy Awards for his part of Rayon in Dallas Buyers Club, told Associated Press how he’s been quite relaxed in passing the statue around – but it comes at a price:

“My Oscar is a filthy mess. Everybody was pawing that thing. I kind of was just passing it around at parties. A couple of times I lost sight of it and I thought, ‘You know, if it goes away, it’s not meant to be mine.’ But it always finds its way back to me.”

The actor is grateful for the platform the award has given him, noting he has a lot more options for film scripts now:

“I’m looking at scripts and reading scripts. Which is interesting because I didn’t read scripts for years before ‘Dallas Buyers Club’. But now… you have opportunities to work with people that you really respect or admire, people whose work has been inspiring and influential.”

Leto, who is also frontman for 30 Seconds to Mars will star in a documentary Artifact this month highlighting the negative side of the music industry.

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