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26th Jul 2023

Laura Whitmore opens up about ‘mortifying’ experience of reporting her stalker ahead of new docuseries

Ellen Fitzpatrick

Laura Whitmore has opened up about a ‘mortifying’ experience she had when trying to report a stalker to the police.

Speaking on BBC Breakfast, Whitmore admitted that she felt “embarrassment” after reporting her stalking incident to the police, and spoke candidly about how the ordeal impacted her.

The former Love Island presenter said: “I had a stalking incident years ago and I almost was afraid to talk about it because there’s embarrassment, when I went to the police at that time.

“I was told it was ‘kind of expected with the type of job you have’ and then you’re a bit mortified and you don’t say anything else.”

Laura’s revelation comes ahead of the release of her ITVX docuseries ‘Laura Whitmore Investigates’ which is set to take a look at the culture of “incels”, rough sex and cyberstalkers.

She continued: “We are a lot more vulnerable than we know. People have access to us in a way I couldn’t possibly understand beforehand.

“It’s not just stalking someone hiding in the bushes outside your house. This is ex-partners still having control over the Alexa in the house and the heating, and ordering pizza in the middle of the night.

“If you add all these together, it is harassment. And I can see what it’s done to victims. A lot of them don’t want to leave their house now.”

Laura Whitmore Investigates begins on ITVX Player this Thursday and is set to air on ITV1 in September.