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03rd Aug 2023

Laura Whitmore explains why she hides her daughter’s face online

Laura Whitmore has explained why she has decided to continue to hide her daughter’s face when posting online.

The Bray native welcomed her first child with husband Iain Stirling in 2021 and the presenter has now revealed why she made the decision to keep her child’s face out of the spotlight.

Speaking to the Irish Independent, the former Love Island host said: “I’d love to be able to put a picture up, but once I do that, that means a pap can stand outside my house and take a picture of my baby and print it.

“It’s mad. I don’t fully understand it, so I’m better off just keeping it private, but it’s so hard because that’s all my camera roll is. Then you get comments saying, ‘Where’s your baby? You’re never with your baby!’ I’m like, ‘I’m always with my baby, I just don’t post it’.”

Laura then chatted about life in the public eye and said that she felt it was most difficult when she was pregnant as many would felt they could take pictures of her despite her wishes.


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She continued: “I have a lovely life, but I will also call out the s**t, because I hope I’ll be able to continue to do this for years and it will get better and I’ll have more power. I’ve definitely got more power now than I did 10 years ago in this industry.”

Laura recently opened up about a ‘mortifying’ experience she had when trying to report a stalker to the police.

Speaking on BBC Breakfast, Whitmore admitted that she felt “embarrassment” after reporting her stalking incident to the police, and spoke candidly about how the ordeal impacted her.

The former Love Island presenter said: “I had a stalking incident years ago and I almost was afraid to talk about it because there’s embarrassment, when I went to the police at that time.

“I was told it was ‘kind of expected with the type of job you have’ and then you’re a bit mortified and you don’t say anything else.”