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23rd Feb 2023

Kylie Jenner is dethroned as the most followed woman on Instagram

Someone else has returned to the top of the charts

Kylie Jenner is no longer the most followed woman on Instagram.

Jenner has been overtaken by Selena Gomez on the platform, with the singer and former Disney star having racked up 381 million followers, compared to Jenner’s 380 million.

Gomez had previously held the title as the most followed woman on the ‘gram back in 2019, but was overtaken by Ariana Grande.

Grande was then surpassed by Jenner, but Gomez has returned to the top of the charts.

Her most recent post has amassed almost 10.5 million likes in just 12 hours.

The news of Gomez’ ascension to the summit of Instagram prompted celebrations from many of her fans, who took to Twitter to express their joy.

“THE REAL QUEEN OF INSTAGRAM IS BACK !!” another wrote, while a third added: “DESERVED.”

The singer has previously spoken about her difficult relationship with social media over the years.

In October 2021, the singer said she would be taking a step back from social media because she had had enough of worrying about what people thought of her.

“I felt like my thoughts and everything I was consuming revolved around a million different other people in the world saying good things and bad things,” she told Women’s Wear Daily.

“And I just thought, ‘Why would I — I don’t get anything from it. Nothing is giving me life’. And I just snapped, and I was over it.”

She added: “I’m completely unaware of, actually, what’s going on in pop culture, and that makes me really happy.

“And maybe that doesn’t make everybody else happy, but for me, it’s really saved my life.”

During an interview with Vanity Fair earlier this month, she spoke out about stepping back from social media.

“People can call me ugly or stupid and I’m like, Whatever. But these people get detailed. They write paragraphs that are so specific and mean,” she said. “I would constantly be crying. I constantly had anxiety…I couldn’t do it anymore. It was a waste of my time.”

Along with Gomez and Jenner, some of the other most followed female celebrities on Instagram include Ariana Grande, who has 357 million followers, Kim Kardashian, who has 346 million followers, and Beyoncé, who has 293 million followers.