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23rd Nov 2017

Did Kris Jenner just drop a major hint about Khloe and Kylie’s pregnancies?

What is going on?

Denise Curtin

Fans were quick to spot this!

As speculation grows and grows, we are at our wits end waiting on confirmation that Khloe and Kylie are ACTUALLY pregnant. Kylie has been keeping exceptionally quite on social media, Khloe has been dressing in unusually baggy clothing and Kim wont comment on the rumours, which again is seriously unlike her. So what really is happening? Unfortunately we don’t have any fancy media contact, where we can ring up the Kardashians and ask them what the craic is but, we can investigate their moves and hopefully find out what the heck is going on.


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The latest revelation comes from Kris Jenner’s Instagram post. A couple of days ago, she took to the social network platform to thank Burberry for sending winter jammies for all of her grandchildren. Question is… why is there 9 sets of pjs if she only has 6 grandkids? Hmmm.

With one pregnancy definitely confirmed (Kim is having a third child via surrogate) and two pregnancies rumoured, that totals three pregnancies, three more grandkids for Kris Jenner, and then that would explain the nine sets of pyjamas. We wait in anticipation.