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08th Apr 2019

You can now rent Kim Kardashian’s old bikini, because 2019 is super weird

Rebecca O'Keeffe

kim kardashian


We all remember that iconic picture Kim Kardashian posted in October last year, right?

You know, the one where she’s posing in that TINY Chanel bikini?

Currently, the snap has more than 4 million likes on Instagram, which is pretty damn impressive.

When Kim posted the snap, she captioned it:

“Chanel vintage, lets please be specific.”

Anyway, if you took a liking to this vintage bikini – we have good news ladies.

You can actually RENT the exact bikini that Kimmy wore in the snap.

Not buy… rent.

We’re not kidding.

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Chanel vintage, lets please be specific

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The skimpy number is currently available to rent at El Cycèr vintage store in Los Angeles, but no prices are attached.

“Bikini modeled by Stella Tenant in the spring 1996 runway show by Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel.”

“This iconic style features Chanel’s embroidered logos on the top and bottoms. Available for rent only. Please inquire for availability and pricing.”

There are a number of very interesting pieces available for rent on the El Cycèr site.

Take the Chanel iconic high-waisted logo briefs from the spring 1993 runway.

Or the Fall 1994 Runway CC Logo Sunglasses sample from the fall 1994 runway collection by Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel.

They also have these black Diorissimo Biker Shorts in the iconic Diorissimo print with lace trim.

So many weird and wonderful treasures!