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05th Dec 2022

Kelsey Parker: “People think I should be walking around wearing my black veil”

“Life’s not like that”

Tom Parker’s widow Kelsey has spoken out about the backlash she has faced after her husband’s death.

The public has been slating Kelsey for ‘the way’ she has been grieving, which has shocked her.

But as the mum-of-two said, grieving isn’t all black and white.

She told Fearne Cotton’s The Happy Podcast that people have no right to tell her how to act or how to feel.

The mum shared;

“People think I should be walking around – I am in a black jacket – but that I should be in black, mourning, wearing my black veil, over my face and not speaking to anyone. But life’s not like that.”

Kelsey said grieving isn’t as straight forward as the public thinks.

“I’ve learnt through this that you can be so many different emotions in one day but even in five minutes. I could feel sadness, anger, happy, and be laughing, all literally within the space of five minutes.”

She added, “I have been left here. I’ve been left here without Tom. And what do I do with my life now? I can’t be sad, I’ve got two kids. Like how can I wake up every day and be sad?”

Kelsey said she is feeling sad but she needs to continue living.

“Yes, I am sad, but my life has to continue and move on. What he’s taught us is that life is so short. Like so short and literally, it can happen like that, it can be sudden. We’re not guaranteed tomorrow so you have to enjoy every day that you’re given here.”

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