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05th Nov 2018

Kate and William ‘declined’ going on holiday with Prince Charles and it’s all very sassy

Tbh, we’d probably do the same.

If you didn’t exactly get on with your dad, would you go on holiday with him? I mean, even if we do get on with our parents, sometimes going away for a week makes you super thankful that you’re not living with them anymore.

It’s long been rumoured that William and Prince Charles aren’t the best of mates, so the news that he “declined” going away with him isn’t all that surprising.

A few months ago, a source told the Daily Beast that they “just don’t get on” and now the Daily Mail is citing that when Prince Charles invited them on holiday they said no… but Harry and Meghan went.

According to sources, Charles was “tickled pink” when the Duke and Duchess of Sussex joined him at the Castle of Mey, the late Queen Mother’s home in Caithness.

“I think it’s fair to say that Meghan has brought Harry and Charles closer, and Charles is thrilled to have a new daughter-in-law.

“Camilla wasn’t there, she was enjoying a bucket-and-spade holiday with her own children and grandchildren, so I think that made it even more special for Charles.”