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11th Dec 2018

Kate Middleton’s staff also quit just after she got married, FYI

Olivia Hayes

meghan markle

It doesn’t seem to be because Meghan is difficult, after all.

Recently, Meghan Markle has been sparking a lot of drama, first with an apparent feud with Kate Middleton, and then with two of her royal aides quitting.

But it seems it may not be the duchess that is causing her aides to quit, as it surfaced that Kate’s aides also quit soon after she got married in 2011.

According to Cosmopolitan, the first aide that quit was only on a temporary assignment while the documentary film William & Kate: The Journey pointed out that Kate’s head housekeeper and house gardener also quit back in the day.

Reporter Ashley Pearson noted in Express: “It was very controversial because they had actually worked for the Queen previously and then came over to work for Prince William and Kate.

“There was a lot of speculation at the time that Carole Middleton had been interfering in the housekeeper’s duties, that Kate Middleton was doing a lot for herself, and that didn’t sit too well with staff.”

While that’s all speculation, it seems like it’s just like any other job – people quit, people move on, more people are hired and the cycle continues.