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21st May 2019

Kate Middleton’s engagement ring was very controversial because of Princess Diana

Rebecca O'Keeffe


We all know that Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton with Diana’s stunning sapphire ring.

Well apparently said ring has caused quite a bit of controversy – and it actually stems back to Diana.

It has been reported that the royals were not happy when Charles decided to propose with the sapphire ring.

The issue was the lack of exclusivity.

According to a report in Vogue, the “crown jeweller Garrard featured the piece in its catalogue.”

Kate Middleton's engagement ring

This meant that the ring was available for anyone to buy, well anyone who had a cool £47,000 lying around.

So technically a commoner could buy the exact same ring, which was looked down upon by members of the royal family.

The beautiful ring was inspired by the sapphire and diamond brooch that was made for Prince Albert in 1840.

Said brooch was then gifted to Queen Victoria as a wedding present, to represent her “something blue”.

Kate Middleton's engagement ring

The really special element of Kate Middleton’s engagement ring is the fact that Diana chose it herself.

So much so that she continued to wear her beloved ring, even after herself and Prince Charles called it quits.

Kate Middleton loves her ring just as much as Diana did.

During her official engagement interview, Kate gushed about her gorgeous ring, saying:

“It’s beautiful–I hope I look after it! It’s very special.”