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16th Jan 2020

Kate Middleton reveals that Prince William doesn’t want any more children

Is three their magic number?

Denise Curtin

Prince William believes that three is the magic number.

While doing her royal duty yesterday, Wednesday Jan 15, Kate Middleton visited crowds at Khidmat Centre in Bradford, Yorkshire, meeting with leaders from various different faith and community groups as well as royal fans.

While speaking to royal fans, the Duchess of Cambridge began chatting about her family life after one fan revealed he sent her a card every time one of their children was born.

Thanking him for the kind gesture, Kate revealed that they will be no need for more cards as the chances of her having more children is unlikely.

“I don’t think William wants any more,” Kate told the 25-year-old fan.

This was Kate and William’s first outing since the news broke that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were stepping down as senior members of the royal family.

The pair appeared to be in good spirits with fans who got a chance to speak to them saying that they were “really impressed” with them.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have three children together. Prince George (6), Princess Charlotte (4) and Prince Louis (1).

Yesterday isn’t the first time Kate has hinted at her husband’s wishes to not have more children. While in Northern Ireland last year, Kate admitted to feeling “broody” when she held an adorable five-month-old baby during her stay.

But when asked by the father of the child if it would entice her to have more kids, the royal replied:

“I think William would be a little worried.”

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