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24th Dec 2023

Kate Middleton invited Dolly Parton for tea

Anna Martin

kate middleton dolly parton

Can you imagine Kate Middleton and Dolly Parton having tea?

We couldn’t until the queen of country herself confirmed that the Princess of Wales invited her for a sit-down and a cuppa.

Speaking to the U.K.’s Saga Exceptional, Dolly revealed that Kate had extended an invite to her that left her feeling “flustered”.

“I was honoured and flattered that she even asked me,” the singer told the outlet about the royal invitation.

dolly parton
Credit: Getty

“I only had one full day and I did not have a second to do anything else besides work.”

However, she noted that she wanted to “make sure people know I didn’t turn the invitation down” and that it was simply because her schedule was already packed.

Both the Princess of Wales and Dolly are invested in early childhood and caring for children, with the singer believing that’s what the pair would have ended up discussing.

She added, “I think she’s adorable and I hope someday to be able to sit down and have a good conversation with her.”

Dolly had previously said she “felt so bad” that she couldn’t meet the royal while she was in the UK.

kate middleton
Credit: Getty

While the plan to meet Kate was a no-go, Dolly has admitted to being a big fan of the royals and previously met Queen Elizabeth II.

They crossed paths during her Silver Jubilee in 1977.

The Jolene singer had previously stated she was “scared to death” about messing up the curtsy while meeting her, but stated she was “very warm, very sweet” and “very giving”.