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20th Nov 2018

Kate and William’s special ‘hack’ for meeting royal fans has been revealed

Rebecca O'Keeffe

kate and william

Makes sense.

As we all know, Kate Middleton and Prince William spend their lives meeting people.

They must  have shaken a million hands at this stage.

Now, none of us have ever had the pleasure, but we’d imagine it can be daunting to meet a member of the royal family.

Do you bow? Do you kiss the ring? Do you high five them? The stress of it.

kate and william

However, Gareth Bradbury and Seyi Obakin met the couple last week, and said that William has an innate ability to put people at ease.

How nice is that? They magically calm you down.

It seems as though Kate and William have developed a knack for putting the people they meets at ease.

Gareth Bradbury told People Magazine:

“They are warming people.”

kate and william

“They have an almost calming vibe that puts you at ease.”

Gareth’s boss, Seyi, agreed, commenting on William’s “inherent” ability to put people at ease.

“It’s a gift” he said.

“I know a lot of those young people were nervous.”

“I told them their nerves would fall away as soon as you meet him and that’s exactly what happened.”

“He just has that knack and it’s great that she has it as well.”

Lovely stuff.