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17th Jul 2020

Jools Oliver reveals she suffered a miscarriage during lockdown

She is a mum of five, with children spanning in age from 18 down to little River Rocket, who is just three.

But it seems Jools Oliver has been dreaming of adding to her brood, revealing the heartbreaking news that she has suffered the miscarriages since the birth of her son, River. And that the latest one took place only a few weeks back, during lockdown.

The 45-year-old was a guest on Zoe Hardman’s Made By Mammas podcast, when Hardman asked if Jools had been “pining for a sixth child” before her birthday next November.

“I really do, I really do but I’ve just had three miscarriages since then and I’m thinking… and a recent one three weeks ago and I’m thinking: No, I dunno,” Jools revealed.

“I do want to, but I’ve got to mentally check that it’s a good idea to do. And also physically because I am 45 as I always say, nearly 46. So it’s a little bit dodgy.”

She continued: “Jamie is still up for it, kind of… not really. I haven’t got long, maybe another year and then I really will just shut that chapter off because I am very happy and I am pretty full up at the moment as it is. But just that little baby, it’s a terrible thing to keep wanting something and you can’t help it.”

Discussing the trauma of the miscarriages, Jools said: “I went to see the doctor the other day and he said, ‘How are you mentally?’ and I thought about it and I went: ‘Well, this is the fifth one now’, I had two before River, and they’ve been early ones, the last two have been at six and a half weeks.

“So I just feel… I’m really good at going ‘Right, I’m pregnant but it won’t work so I’m just going to carry on,’ whilst everyone gets really into it and I have really learnt to not because I’m kind of not very positive about it.”

Jools and Jamie recently celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary, and in a touching social media tribute to her husband, Jools shared the news that the couple have suffered five miscarriages up through the years.


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20 exciting, happy, fun wonderful years married to my best friend ❤️ we were due to renew our wedding vowels this summer but that can wait! 20 years married but together 27 years my first true love ❤️ Yes I drive you Bonkers and you probably deserve a medal etc..but being with you feels like home (and you know much I love to be at home)!!! I treasure the daily texts you send, you are romantic and constantly positive funny and a dedicated brilliant dad ❤️ we have created 5 wonderful children and lost our 5 little stars in the sky. Thank you for loving me the way you do ❤️ we did it, on to the next chapter x Was devastated to have lost out real wedding video in one of our house moves so this is cobbled together from home videos. Truly the happiest day with the most wonderful memories. Still 20 years later my dance moves need updating ? better sort that out for our next wedding ?? xxx

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“We have created 5 wonderful children and lost our 5 little stars in the sky,” she said.

Last year, Jools reflected on her losses during Baby Loss Awareness Week, writing on social media:

“A beautiful wave of light to mark the end of an always emotional Baby Loss Awareness Week. Thinking of all the families who have lost a cherished beautiful baby, either through miscarriage, stillbirth or neonatal death.

“It is an absolute privilege to have come across some wonderful, strong brave women and families through Instagram who proudly tell their story of their own baby loss and through that support thousands of people going through the same thing.”