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09th Dec 2018

Jeffree Star is planning to open up a fast food chain and we’re all ears

Yas honey.

Denise Curtin

I’ll take the Alien eyeshadow palette with a side of fries, please.

Yes, makeup and YouTube extraordinaire, Jeffree Star revealed over the weekend that he’s “in talks” to open up his very own fast food chain.

During a live stream on YouTube, the star revealed that meetings are underway as well as the early stages of planning for a move into the food industry.


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Tweeting the idea of a food chain a couple of weeks ago, the star sent fans wild with many begging Jeffree to make his thought a reality.

Jeffree, who is a lover of junk food, admitted that if a resturant was to open, one thing that would certainly be on the menu is a “cup of icing”. Speaking in his stream, the star said:

“Imagine, ‘hi, I want a medium icing cup’, yes god. You know why I wanna make that? Because that’s what I wish I could have at a restaurant.”


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Jeffree also teased burgers, cotton candy fries and a vegan menu. And if that isn’t enough on his plate (no pun intended), the star is also in the midst of releasing another makeup palette alongside YouTuber, Shane Dawson as well as a concelear and setting powder. 2019 is set to be a busy one.