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22nd Jan 2024

Everyone is saying that Jacob Elordi is ‘so babygirl’, but what does it mean?

Jody Coffey

Jacob Elordi

Jacob ‘Babygirl’ Elordi

When we think of Jacob Elordi, a lot of words come to mind (we’ll let you fill in the blanks).

However, ‘babygirl’ is likely not one of the words we’d use to describe the Saltburn star.

While appearing on Saturday Night Live alongside Mean Girls’ Renee Rapp, the actor was labelled as ‘babygirl’ and people have automatically agreed, no questions asked, that he is.

On the show, comedian Bowen Yang said to Renee, “You were right. He is so babygirl,” with the actress agreeing ‘he’s so babygirl’.

“Me? I’m babygirl?’ Jacob asked, “So what’s Renee?” to which she answers, “Oh, I’m mother”.

What does it mean to be ‘Babygirl’?

While an official dictionary definition is pending, Urban Dictionary’s descriptions of the term absolutely encapsulate Elordi in all his glory.

A person is bound to say this about a man when he is extremely sexually attractive with a good personality (literally and figuratively).

Urban Dictionary

A person (typically female) will say this about another person(typically male) when he is looking extremely attractive but in a softer more lighthearted way.

Urban Dictionary

A term used towards grown fictional men who have the fandom in a loving chokehold.

Urban Dictionary

According to NBC, “babygirl” can refer to two types of men: men who we ‘perceive as vulnerable and submissive,’ or ‘brooding, surly men.’

While Sylvia Sierra, an assistant professor of Communication and Rhetorical Studies at Syracuse University, told the news outlet that ‘Babygirl’ is used in “a positive way, like you are highlighting favourable qualities in a man.”

Meanwhile, TikTok, of course, has caught on, with the Priscilla actor front and centre of the discussion.

One user explained that the term transcends genders, but ‘historically it’s referred big gruff, could kill you manly men and the fandom is like, ‘Oh, look at him. He’s so cute. I want to put him in my pocket.'”

@worminmybrainn so babygirl coded #jacobelordi #saltburn ♬ Palace/Curse (feat. Tyler, The Creator & Steve Lacy) – The Internet

Elsewhere, one user shared the criteria for being ‘Babygirl’, which, there’s no denying, Elordi checks all boxes on, especially when it comes to the fictional characters he has played, namely Felix in Saltburn.

According to another user, a ‘Babygirl’ should have two of the following three: “Eyes, cries, and war crimes. They have beautiful eyes, they’ve cried onscreen, they’ve committed atrocities.”

Add Paul Mescal and Barry Keoghan to the list and we’ve got ourselves a ‘Babygirl’ trifecta.