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10th Dec 2021

Holly Willoughby addresses “hurtful” claims she is quitting This Morning

She’s having none of it.

Holly Willoughby has shut down reports that she is quitting This Morning, deeming them as “so unfair and untrue.”

The TV presenter has revealed that she was “hurt” to read stories claiming that she was planning to leave her morning hosting gig, and has addressed the scrutiny around it.

Opening up on The Johnathan Ross Show, Holly admitted that it can be “difficult” to deal with what others say about her job, which she hosts with Phillip Schofield.

The TV star was inundated with questions about her career after releasing her book Reflections this year and launching lifestyle brand Wylde Moon in September.

Speaking about Phillip, she said: “I do really love him (Schofield). I really love him. We’re lucky. We really are.

“I’ve read those things too. It hurts sometimes because it’s so unfair and untrue, so it’s difficult sometimes.

“We’re just incredibly lucky. So no, I’m not retiring. That’s a really long answer.”

On the topic of retiring, she continued: “I never think like that. I feel very lucky to be on that show. The show changes so much, I think that’s the beauty of This Morning.

holly willoughby

“Recently it’s had the highest ratings it’s had in 15 years. It’s doing really, really well which is extraordinary for a show that’s been around for as long as it has. And I think because it changes and it evolves and it adapts.

“But I think that show has something to teach us a little bit, as long as we keep evolving and changing and moving on and happy to flow with things…”

She added that she was “very lucky” to present alongside Phillip and “can’t imagine a world without him being there.”