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13th Nov 2013

Her Man Of The Day… Keano, Keano, Keano

Opinions may be divided about this Corkonian, but we're not ashamed to express our love for Keano.


Roy Keane, the myth, the man, the legend. We couldn’t let the day pass without honouring Cork’s finest export and marking his first Irish press conference as one half of Ireland’s greatest ever double act since Jedward.

Keano has been making the headlines in recent weeks. First there was that 16-page chapter in Alex Ferguson’s booked dedicated to the former Manchester United captain and his off-field antics and then came the news that gripped the nation.

The FAI set the island into a frenzy when it announced Keane would be joining Martin O’Neill as second in command over the Irish football team.

Opinions may be divided about this Corkonian but we are not ashamed to express our love for Roy.

All together now… KEANO, KEANO, KEANO.


This gallery is dedicated to’s greatest Manchester United supporter, Rebecca McKnight.