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07th Jun 2024

Everything we know about the new Hunger Games book

Niamh Ryan

Suzanne collins has announced a fifth book in The Hunger Games series.

The book, titled Sunrise on the Reaping, will follow Haymitch Abernathy’s story as the 16 year-old tribute who won the 50th Hunger Games.

Details of his story were discussed in the original trilogy, as he was a mentor to Katniss and Peeta.

Because of this, we know that the 50th Hunger Games was the Second Quarter Quell, and a brutal battle.

With twice the amount of tributes placed in the arena, it added up to 48 teenagers fighting to the death.

We don’t know much about Haymitch’s childhood, so the prequel is highly anticipated by fans.

Scholastic books will publish Sunrise on the Reaping on March 18th 2025. Lionsgate have also announced that the film adaptation will be in theatres in November 2026.

Collins said she drew inspiration for the upcoming novel by reading the work of David Hume, a Scottish philosopher.

The author said she’d been thinking a lot about propaganda, and how people in power are able to persuade the masses and “control the narrative”.

“The question ‘Real or not real?’ seems more pressing to me every day,” Collins said in a statement.

The author took inspiration from real life events from the very beginning.

“I was flipping through the channels one night between reality television programmes and actual footage of the Iraq War, when the idea came to me,” Collins told the New York Times. on where the idea for The Hunger Games came from.

The book is now available for preorder.