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30th Nov 2013

Her Girl Crush.. Nine Reasons We Love And Adore Una Foden

We just can't get enough!


We love the Saturdays but we have to say, we’re pretty proud that our own Una Foden is part of that group. REEBOK is teaming up with Una Foden to launch its FW13 Women’s Fitness Collections Available in Ireland exclusively in Life Style Sports and with that in mind, this is nine reasons we love this lady.

On Tuesday, December 3rd, Una Foden will take over the Twitter page! To send in any questions to Una, just use the hashtage #UnaforReebok!

Life Style Sports Reebok Una Foden 1

1. Aoife Belle pictures.

She is the cutest baby on the internet, hands down.

una healy2

2. She’s a member of THIS band.

We love the Saturdays.

3. She’s one half of this couple.

Ben Foden and Una. Too much.


4. She can sing.

Boy, she can sing.

5. Have you seen her hair?

L’Oreal, you missed a trick here.

una 2

6. Actually, have you seen her in general?

She looks amazing!


7. She knows where she’s from…

Una tied the knot in Ireland. Home girl.

Una Healy & Ben Foden

8. Her Irish accent on Chasing the Saturdays.

It was nice to hear that Irish accent in the show.

9. THAT recreation of the Kanye/Kim video.


una 4


her men