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03rd Nov 2015

Meet the First Trans Man Taking on Movember

Jeremy is determined to redefine masculinity

Cassie Delaney

When father-of-two Jeremy Wiggins ponders masculinity, his head if often filled with the negative connotation of phrases like “be a man” and “man up”.

Despite his lumberjack beard, broad frame and shave head, those male stereotypes don’t resonate with him. It’s because Jeremy’s journey to

“For some reason, when I hear: What is it to be a man or what is a man? I feel like there’s a very strict, narrow stereotype of what that is. It’s a hyper-masculinised version of what a man is,” he said in the short movie released by The Movember Foundation.

Jeremy is the latest spokesperson for the Movember Foundation and is participating in the annual fundraiser to help redefine the concept of masculinity. Jeremy is now prepared to shave off his beard for the first time, something that he fills him with apprehension.

“Just given my history and relationship with gender identity — my beard is a strong part of that. I like the way it makes me look,” Jeremy told the Huffington Post Australia.

Jeremey decided to transition at 21, a decision that was supported by his friends and family. Watch his story below.