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15th Mar 2014

Her Girl Crush… Eleven Reasons We Love And Adore Kate Winslet

If she's good enough for Leo, she's certainly good enough for us...

There are many women who have featured on our Girl Crush list but we have to say, one of our favourite women and actresses is the brilliant Kate Winslet. Here are eleven reasons we love this leading lady.

1. Have you seen her?

Seriously. Stunning.

kate winslet

2. She doesn’t care what people think…

Or at least she doesn’t think anyone should be able to comment on her life!

“No one has a right to comment on anyone’s life or the choices I do or don’t make. It’s very easy to be judgmental until you know someone’s truth. People have no idea at all,” Winslet said. “It baffles me, truly, that you can publicly treat a person like that. It’s not very nice.”

Well said, Kate!

3. She’s best friends with Leo!

They met on the set of Titanic and have basically been best mates ever since. It’s a little too much for us to handle.

kate and leo

4. Sense and Sensibility.

In 1995, Kate starred as the beautiful Marianne Dashwood in the brilliant Sense and Sensibility. When her heart broke, ours broke along with her.

5. That Oscar speech.

Classy and elegant, Kate picked up the Best Actress Oscar for the Reader.

6. This first screen test for Titanic.

She’s adorable!

7. She’ll never let go.

We were aware of Kate Winslet before Titanic, but this was the first film where she really exploded on to the scene and took our breath away!

8. That Extras appearance…

This is just absolutely too funny!

9. Brave Roles

Although Kate has played a lot of period roles, she is also not afraid to branch out and do something a little more brave. This is particularly evident with the brilliant Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

10. Red Carpet Style

Yes, you guessed it. She woke up like this.


11. Labor Day

Winslet’s new film, Labor Day is out this weekend and boy, does she look amazing as Adele.