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26th Oct 2021

Giovanni Pernice confirms Maura Higgins split

It’s all over.

Strictly Come Dancing star Giovanni Pernice has finally set the record straight when it comes to his rumoured split with Maura Higgins.

Confirming that the two have split, Giovanni took to Twitter to explain that there had been no wrongdoing as the pair had been very public about their relationship throughout its four-month run.

Admitting that all great relationships can come to an end, Giovanni alluded to his and Maura’s split being very amicable.

Saying that “great relationships with great people can come to a natural end,” he posted to both Instagram and Twitter to speak out about the split.

He wrote: “This has been the case for me recently.

“There was absolutely no wrongdoing and this should be the end of any speculation.

“Whilst I respect and understand interest in my personal life, wouldn’t it be fantastic to instead use this space to raise awareness of subject and issues which need the attention.

“My eyes have been opened to so many things during my career.

“But I am learning so much from this series of Strictly.

“The show has highlighted many important conversations for different communities and increased representation.

“These are the conversations which deserve the time, energy and recognition.

“We must concentrate on what’s important and how we can all make a difference in life.”

Initially sparking rumours that they weren’t together anymore, Maura deleted any trace left of him off her Instagram, and she isn’t getting a look in on his page either.

And to confirm their suspicions, even more, a source told The Sun: “It’s all over for now. Maura’s absolutely devastated, it appears the Strictly curse has struck again.

“Pals are hoping that they can patch things up. But only time will tell whether they’ll work things out as Giovanni is so busy.

“He’s been focusing on Strictly, training his celeb partner Rose 24/7, and they’ve become really good friends. He’s even been learning sign language from Rose, showing it off on social media.”