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17th Sep 2023

A gemologist has estimated the value of Zoe Sugg’s ‘timeless’ engagement ring

Jody Coffey

Definition of ‘The boy did good’ 

This week, YouTubers Zoe Sugg and Alfie Deyes announced their engagement to their followers.

The couple, who met through the platform, got engaged during a family holiday, where Alfie got down on one knee after 11 years of dating the British influencer.

In their announcement video, Alfie and Zoe are looking out at a view before she turns around and starts jumping up and down, and she then holds up her hands to show off her beautiful engagement ring.

Now a gemologist and design expert at Queensmith, Laura Suttie, has given valuations, both lab-grown and natural, for the bride-to-be’s gorgeous engagement ring.

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Suttie believes the ‘stunning and timeless’ ring to be a ‘4 carat oval diamond’ and says this is a shape that has grown in popularity over the years.

“Based on its size and if it is natural, this diamond is estimated to be worth around £150K (€174k). Thanks to the elongated, increased spread, oval engagement rings look bigger than most shapes and are very flattering on the finger,” she explains.

In the video the couple posted, the ring appears to be a classic solitaire with a plain band and further sparkle from a classic centred diamond.

“There is a high chance that Alfie could have opted for a lab-grown rather than naturally sourced diamond. If the diamond is D colour and VS1 clarity, a 4-carat lab-grown ring in the UK is currently worth around £20K (€23,208.87),” the gemologist suggests.

Lab-grown diamonds have seen a surge in popularity over the years as a more affordable and sustainable alternative to natural diamonds.

In 2019, Queensmith’s lab diamond sales equated to just 1% of their overall diamond sales. In 2023, they will account for a staggering 81% of sales, with a growth of 2,860 in just five years.

So, there you have it. If you’re planning on proposing or just treating yourself to some well-deserved jewellery, lab-grown is the way to go, it seems.