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12th Aug 2019

‘Fuel to the fire’ – Molly Mae Hague has her say on THAT feud with Anton Danyluk

Cathy Donohue

Molly Mae Hague

Molly Mae Hague has had her say on the rather awkward feud between herself and fellow Love Islander Anton Danyluk.

Last week’s reunion episode was a must-watch for fans of the popular reality show but no one could have predicted the excruciatingly awkward moment between Molly Mae and Anton.

In the days before the reunion was broadcast, reports of Anton unfollowing Molly on Instagram had circulated online so of course, it was no surprise that host Caroline Flack questioned him about this very subject.

Anton said straight out that he didn’t see himself and Molly as friends and that they had very little conversations during their time in the villa.

Anton’s point of view was that his management decided to follow all the other contestants while running his Instagram account but he quickly unfollowed Molly once he had use of his phone again.

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He also said that he wouldn’t be refollowing Molly on the social media platform and it was the saltiest moment of the entire series, without question.

In an interview with OK! magazine, Molly had the opportunity to share her thoughts on the subject.

“Everyone has seen that I’ve been getting quite a lot of backlash and hate online, so for him to then add fuel to the fire was quite shocking. ”

“I know Tommy would never do that to Belle [Hassan] if she was in this situation, because he’s not that type of person.’ Molly-Mae added: ‘I think it showed more about him than anyone else.

“It’s a shame that this has happened. It was unnecessary. I want to be able to support everyone who was on the show. We all did this together”.

Fair point, we say.

It does seem that Anton has taken things to a new level but here’s hoping they can both move on from it and be civil to each other…