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16th Oct 2018

Emma Willis finally opens up about THAT Roxanne Pallett interview

This year’s Celebrity Big Brother was… dramatic.

Everything was going well for the housemates until Roxanne Pallett accused Ryan Thomas of being a woman beater. Ryan was play fighting at the time – barely hitting the former actress – but Roxanne took it to an entirely new level.

Ryan was extremely lucky that the Big Brother house is littered with cameras and everything was recorded – otherwise it could have turned out very differently – and Emma Willis knew that.

She has only now opened up about the interview she conducted with Roxanne a few days after she left the house, saying that she had to ask the hard questions because of “the gravity of the situation.”

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“The interview with Roxanne went well because I know my subject matter inside out,” she told You Magazine.

“I was shocked at what unfolded – it was almost like a plot from a soap opera. Thank God there were cameras, because it could have ruined Ryan, such was the gravity of the situation.

“To me I was just having a conversation about something that was really serious. Sometimes we do have light, fluffy chats about people in the Big Brother house and then sometimes really serious shit happens in there and you’ve got to be able to ask the questions everybody is thinking.”

After the final series finishes, it will be the last one ever.