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10th Feb 2023

Dani Dyer says she is ready for backlash as people will “hate” her daughters’ names

She has picked the names.

Dani Dyer has hinted that her fans are going to “hate” the names she has picked out for her daughters and is even preparing for some backlash.

The Love Island winner revealed last month that she is expecting twin girls and has already decided what their names will be.

The 26 year old admitted she has “prepared herself for negative opinions” over the names she has chosen.

This isn’t the first time Dani has been forced to defend her baby’s name after she faced backlash over her son’s, two year old Santigo, name.

Many fans have asked Dani to change the names of her daughters after she announced them to fans on Instagram.

Taking to the social media platform for a Q&A, Dani was asked what names she had decided on.

When asked about the theme of the names being unique or traditional, she said: “I think we have decided both the names.

“Jarrod always wanted one of the names so that was settled for twin one, however, twin two I was struggling.

“I always wanted a certain name but kept thinking would it work (it’s not the most common name) but I’m going to go for it.

“I think I’d really regret not choosing the name I always loved deep down.”

She went on to explain that people may not like the names, saying: “People really have negative opinions on baby names I had that a lot with Santi so I’m prepared for that again.”

Dani revealed the sex of her twins earlier this month. Posting a photo of her bump, she wrote: “Half way our little darlings.

“A lot of you have been asking on the gender of our babies and we are so excited to share with you all that we are having identical twin girls.”

The reality star confirmed her pregnancy last month but has since confirmed her twins are identical.

She said that her partner Jarrod Bowen has twins in his family.

“So Jarrod has twins on his side of the family,” she said at the time.

“However we are having identical twins so they do not run in families, anyone can have them! Which I never knew until we found out.”

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