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02nd Nov 2022

Conor McGregor’s mother Margaret responds to blackface claims

Kat O'Connor

Conor McGregor’s mother has slated the claims.

Conor McGregor’s mother Margaret has responded to blackface accusations. The mum was pictured in blackface on Halloween but claims she is not racist.

Margaret celebrated Halloween with her son Conor McGregor in Dublin.

The family spent the holiday at McGregor’s Drimnagh pub The Black Forge Inn.

Conor posted multiple photos of his family after their celebrations. Margaret smiled alongside her grandchildren in the snaps but was called out over her costume.

People were shocked by her costume, but she claims she had spiders painted on her face.

Margaret said she was dressed up as a ghoul risen from the grave.

Margaret stressed that she did not wear blackface.

She also said people’s interpretations of her costume were simply wrong.

A spokesperson for the family told The Mirror;

“The McGregor family loves Halloween. Mrs. McGregor had spiders painted on her face.

“Her costume was a ghoul risen from the grave.

“Any other interpretation was just wrong and also truly unfortunate.”

McGregor’s followers called out his mother over the shocking costume.

Many said blackface has no place in this day and age.

Others called for the UFC fighter to remove the photos from his platform.

However, McGregor has not removed the photos despite the backlash. He also has yet to respond to the controversy.