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05th Apr 2022

Claire Byrne back in the shed as she tests positive for Covid-19 again

Ellen Fitzpatrick

Who would’ve thought?

History is certainly repeating itself as Claire Byrne was forced to present her RTE show last night from her shed after testing positive for Covid-19.

Sound familiar? Many thought the same as we had some serious deja vu. Claire tested positive early on in the pandemic, back in 2020 and ended up presenting The Claire Byrne Show while isolating in her garden shed.

Claire tested positive on Monday again, two years after her first bout of the virus.

Opening the show, she said: “Now hopefully we’re coming out of this wave of Covid, but many businesses and individuals are seriously impacted both by illness and also by the Covid isolation rules.

“Now as you can see I’m back here again, I’m not in the studio, I’m working remotely because I have tested positive and like so many people around the country, we’re doing out best to work through it.”

Claire confirmed on the show that she wasn’t feeling too bad and has managed to dodge some of the worse Covid symptoms.

As she had Covid herself, the show spoke a lot about the current situation with high case numbers in Ireland, speaking to Professor Sam McConkey and Professor Luke O’Neill about the severity of it.

Many viewers took to social media to joke about the deja vu they were feeling while watching the show.

One said: “Claire Byrne is live from her covid shed tonight with Luke O’Neill and Sam McConkey as guests…………. This is April 2022 right?”

Another wrote: “Claire Byrne is back broadcasting from her shed. It’s been done up a bit since the last time tho.”

A third added: “RTE have done more outside broadcasts from Claire Byrne‘s shed than they have from League of Ireland grounds.”

A fourth said: “My census time capsule entry, Is Claire Byrne still in her shed?”