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30th May 2019

Chloe Ferry has confirmed she’s leaving Geordie Shore after four years on the show

She's calling it a day.

Chloe Ferry has announced her departure from MTV’s Geordie Shore.

The reality TV star first joined the show in 2015 but, now feels the time is now right to leave the show and her on-screen antics behind.

Chloe’s departure is allegedly due to her breakup with Sam Gowland, her longtime boyfriend who she met and starred alongside on the hit series.

Breaking the news on Twitter last night, a fan asked Chloe if she’d be coming back to Geordie Shore after the current series to which she replied, breaking the news.

Chloe also revealed that although she is split from Sam, the pair are still living together as they have a mortgage and so, need to sort a few things out first.

Chloe hit out at her ex last week when news broke claiming Sam hooked up with a former member of Love Island. Writing on Twitter in a now-deleted tweet, Chloe said:

“Mad how you think you know someone so well but you don’t know them at all.”

Chloe and Sam dated for almost two years, first calling things official in October 2017.