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05th Nov 2014

Chart-Topping Singer Slammed for “Sexist and Misogynistic” Advice Column

"We've got to send a message to girls worldwide that this isn't acceptable".

Rebecca McKnight

Less than 24 hours after admitting that his record label asked him to “stop tweeting”, singer James blunt has been slammed for comments he made via a newspaper advice column. 

The You’re Beautiful singer undertook a new role three weeks ago as a resident agony uncle for the Metro UK, penning a weekly page in which he addresses reader queries.

The 40-year-old was approached for the position after he became hugely popular on social networking site Twitter, largely due to his humorous  takedowns of trolls who slagged off both the man and his music.

Many fans are failing to see the funny side today though, after Blunt advises one reader to dump his girlfriend because she wasn’t in the mood for sex often enough.


The query read:

Dear James, 

My girlfriend and I are going through a bit of a dry patch. We’ve been together for just over two years and used to make love every day. Now i’m lucky if I get any action once a month. She says she is happy and loves me but is always too tired for sex. What can I do to spice up our sex life?

Josh, Kingston. 

Blunt replied:

Dear Josh, 

A dry patch… He he! Mate – dump her. We’ve got to send a message to girls worldwide that this is just not acceptable. 

The controversial advice comes just three weeks after Blunt told another reader, who complained about being approached by “mingers” to “either close your eyes, or drink them pretty.”

Back in September, Blunt tied the knot with his partner Sophia Wellesley. Presumably, he finds her sexual appetite “acceptable”.