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30th Jan 2016

CBB Star Megan McKenna Took A Serious Dig At Sam Reece On Twitter Last Night

There was no holding back on this one.


Former Ex on the Beach star and CBB evictee Megan McKenna has tweeted a not-so-subtle dig at Stephanie Davis’ boyfriend/ex-boyfriend Sam Reece following a personal appearance.

The reality star was appearing at a nightclub in Kent when she learned that her housemate’s model boyfriend Reece was also appearing as part of the club’s promotion night.

Sam Reece seemed to ignore the comment, and instead continued his appearance while partying with a group of friends.

Speaking to the Mirror, a source told the paper that Sam had purposely planned his appearance to run-into Megan – knowing it would steal attention away from Stephanie on the night of the eviction:

“I think Steph has come to terms with the fact that Sam won’t be there when she comes out. But for him to be on a night out with Megan instead – it’s shows his true colours.

“If they get together, it will be a huge slap in the face for Stephanie. She hasn’t even had the chance to talk to him yet.”

It seems he’ll have to wait a bit longer before he can speak to Stephanie, as her housemate boyfriend Jeremy McConnell was evicted in last night’s show.

When he was leaving the house Stephanie burst into tears, telling the Irish star she loved him and wouldn’t be able to cope in the house without him.

After the eviction, he sat down and had a chat with Emma Willis, admitting that he wanted to follow his heart in the house.

Talking about his relationship with Stephanie, the Irishman said he knew he was playing a part in the drama but “it takes two to tango”.