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21st Nov 2019

Brooke Vincent speaks candidly about struggling with her post-baby body

Olivia Hayes

She completely opened up about how she is feeling.

Brooke Vincent and partner Kean Bryan welcomed their first child last month.

The Coronation Street star shared the news on Instagram with a gorgeous post.

Taking to the social media site, Brooke shared a black and white image of the back of her newborn and revealed his name: “On Wednesday 23rd October at 8.14am Our Baby Boy Arrived. Mexx S J Bryan, you complete us.”


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On Wednesday 23rd October at 8.14am Our Baby Boy Arrived. Mexx S J Bryan, you complete us ??

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However, she has now opened up about her post-baby body, saying that she thought she would bounce right back but she has realised it’s not that simple.

“Tonight I was supposed to look completely different, I was supposed to be dressed up, hair and make up done ready to eat some nice food and maybe have my first cocktail in 11 months with Kean, our first time away from Mexx for an hour or two, instead I look like this.

“I look like this because I naively thought that 4 weeks after my baby I would be in all my old clothes looking exactly like I did before I got pregnant. I thought my jeans would instantly fit and I would just be my ‘old self’ only with my new beautiful baby.

She continued to say she tried on so many clothes, but just didn’t feel right in them, which made her upset.

“How wrong I was, I tried 23 outfits on at least, nothing looked right, nothing looked like me and I felt like I was looking at a completely different person, I suppose to a certain extent I now am, I am Mexx’s mum. I sat and cried and felt ashamed that I haven’t just been able to pick up where I left off like people seem to do here on Instagram!”


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Brooke said that she needed to realise that everyone is different and it doesn’t matter how long it takes you to bounce back – once you, your baby and family are happy and healthy, that’s all that matters.

“This was so important for me to say, for all the women who think they should look, act or feel a certain way after a baby DONT! Don’t beat yourself up. Do you & if 4/6/8weeks or even a year after giving birth you don’t fit in your old clothes don’t worry, you can always join my club.

She finished by saying: “The most important thing is me & Mexx are healthy & happy and as soon as my baby boy looked at me, I realised he doesn’t care if i fit in my old jeans or not.”