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18th Oct 2023

Justin Timberlake’s family in ‘chaos’ ahead of Britney’s explosive memoir

Britney revealed she was pregnant with Justin Timberlake’s baby in her new memoir

Britney Spears is set to publish her memoir this month and she has bravely opened up about many topics, including her relationship with fellow popstar, Justin Timberlake.

In a snippet from her novel obtained by People, Britney opened up about her decision to have an abortion.

She told readers that the pregnancy was a surprise, but she was happy about it because she always thought she would have a family with Justin.

However, the singer felt he was too young to become a father and they agreed to terminate the pregnancy.

This is the first time Britney has opened up about the personal decision publicly, but Timberlake is reportedly ‘reeling’ about the news.

His family is also concerned about what else Spears has included in the memoir.

A source close to the singer told the U.S Sun:

“Justin owns who he was when he and Britney were together, even though his personality, career, lifestyle, and personal priorities are radically different now, 20 years later.”

The source added that Britney’s book is a “nightmare for him”.

They said: “This book is a nightmare for him because of how it throws the whole family into chaos. The timing stings just as much as the revelation itself.”

Fans of Britney have praised her for being so honest about choosing to have an abortion. Many said her memoir will be one of the best celebrity books of our time, and we agree.

Britney’s memoir ‘The Women In Me’ will be published on October 24th.