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18th Oct 2023

Louise Cooney gets emotional as she reaches pregnancy milestone

Kat O'Connor

Influencer Louise Cooney is nine months pregnant

Influencer, Louise Cooney, has reached her ninth month of pregnancy. The mum-to-be told her followers that she is more than ready to meet her little one now.

Alongside a photo of her baby bump, the mum said she just waiting for her baby to be born into this world.

She said: “9 months. We are so ready to meet you, to see who has been cooking in there all this time.”

Louise said it has been incredible seeing her baby grow throughout the last nine months.

She said she is in awe of what a woman’s body can do.

“I’ve loved watching my bump grow and change, feeling the little kicks getting stronger. I’ll never get over how women’s bodies do this.”

The mum-to-be added: “It’s the closest thing to magic in life.”

Louise revealed she was pregnant back in May.

She said being pregnant has been an incredible experience for her, but she wanted to keep one element of it a surprise.

The influencer said she hasn’t found out the gender of her baby because she wants it to be a surprise.

Louise told her followers: “That moment where they hand you the baby and tell you… makes me emotional even thinking about it.

“I imagine that makes the labour feel so worth it. But also totally get why you’d find out, being able to pick a name and call them that for the next few months, buy things with a gender in mind and just knowing what’s in there must make it feel so real.”

We’re so excited for Louise to welcome her first child into the world.