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22nd Sep 2022

Brian O’Driscoll brings the wrong dog home from the groomers

Kat O'Connor

This is too funny.

Brian O’Driscoll was left mortified after he made quite the big mistake at the dog groomers.

The sportsman’s wife Amy Huberman reveals she was crying from laughter after Brian brought the wrong dog home.

The author explained that she asked Brian to pick their dog up from the groomers on Wednesday, but things didn’t go according to plan.

“Stop it I can’t. Still CRYING,” she said.

“Brian going to the groomers to collect the dog and… taking home the wrong dog!”

Amy said Brian thought the groomer had cut off their dog’s darker fur, but he actually collected the wrong pup.

“Thought perhaps she had needed a serious groom and had taken off the darker fluff. Off they skipped. I cannot! He may defo need an oil top-up on the laser eye surgery…”

“Thank you so our ledge groomers for being so understanding.”

“And hope that the other lovely dog enjoyed her 48 seconds in our gaff before going home,” the actress added.

Amy joked that she’ll be collecting their kids from school this week, just to be on the safe side.

“Also, I’m not sure I’ll ask him to give me a lift home from the hairdressers next time in case he heads off with someone else’s wife…”

Amy’s followers were left in stitches after the incident.

One wrote, “Omg… I can’t even cope with this. That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard!”

Another added, “I wonder what Phoebe thought when she saw Brian heading out the door with imposter dog tucked under his arm.”

“I nearly fell off the chair reading this, Amy,” Anna Geary added.