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24th Jan 2020

Brad Pitt’s response to the drama over his reunion with Jennifer Aniston is interesting, to say the least


Brad Pitt’s response to the interest in his reunion with Jennifer Aniston is very, shall we say… very Brad.

The internet went into complete meltdown when photos emerged of the pair chatting and laughing at the SAG awards last weekend. Then there was the money shot where Jen walked away from Brad while he appeared to be mid-sentence, clutching her arm as if asking her to come back.

We’ll never know exactly what they did say but you know, a picture tells a thousand words and all that jazz.

Anyway, Brad was back on the red carpet circuit at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival this week and of course, reporters were keen to chat about that moment.

When asked what he thought about the reaction to the photos, the memes that followed and the general hysteria surrounding the former couple, Brad was having none of it.


His response to Entertainment Tonight gave nothing away and basically denied being aware of the whole situation. Right, so.

“I don’t know. I’m blissfully naive, and I’m gonna stay that way”.

Before their encounter was caught on camera and fans the world over freaked out (the biggest 2020 celebrity moment so far) Jennifer was also asked what she thought of the fact that people were still obsessed with their relationship.

Also chatting to Entertainment Tonight, but before the SAG Awards began, she said it was “hysterical” but acknowledged that people were interested at least, posing the question “what else are they going to talk about?”

If you thought you were going to get some deep insight into how they feel about each other now, you’re wrong but of course, that won’t stop people debating why they should/shouldn’t get back together, even if they have absolutely no interest in doing so.