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14th Apr 2014

Boyzone Banned From Italian City Following ‘Mental’ Crowd Reaction

"It was flipping mental!"

They might not enjoy quite the same level of fame anymore but Boyzone were once banned from Bologna due to the frenzy they caused among fans.

Shane Lynch revealed this week that, at the height of their popularity, the band created such a disturbance in the Italian city that they were asked to leave and never return.

“It’s been great watching the youngsters grow up with us. Now we will sit in the bar with them before the show. It’s like a big party that everyone’s invited to,” he said.

“But back in the day, the youngsters were a little bit hysterical. Once, we were kicked out of Bologna. The police escorted out and told us not to come back. We were in the square to do a record signing and it was flipping mental. One of the windows of the bus came in and fell on top of us. We have had our fair share of those mental stories.”

He added that the members now enjoyed performing more than they had in the past as they had given up on trying to please everybody.

“Back in the day, getting up on stage, you didn’t quite understand who you are. You’re a young man trying to please everybody. Being older now – I’m knocking on 40 – I guess you stand on the stage and accept who you are and do what you do. And that’s a great place to be in.”